About Frostcar

FROSTCAR started to manufacture refrigerated bodies in 1997 upon industry’s demand. As a result of long studies of R&D, our company started manufacturing Frostcar Eutectic-type bodies in 2005 for ice cream and frozen food industry.

Frostcar is known the first Turkish brand with 100% domestic production that serves in Turkey. Frostcar is always aspiring to provide best products and services.


Our company embraces the following criteria to be the number one choice of customers who does not want to lose their precious time with malfunction/maintenance chores and who uses their resources rationally:

Customer satisfaction
Guaranteeing spare parts and services

It is our main principle to monitor our products made from raw materials and semi-finished goods that have national and international quality certifications to their last stage, and always to add new ones to our “satisfied customer” portfolio.

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