Frequently asked Questions

Which products can be delivered by a refrigerated body with eutectic plates?
The low temperature (-33°C) eutectic refrigerated bodies are the best solution to deliver ice cream, frozen vegetables and meats, frozen pastries and frozen ready dishes. The refrigerated bodies at positive temperature (0/+4°C) can be used for the delivery of dairy products, meat, fresh pastries, juices, etc.
How many different products can be transported at the same time in the safe?
Our specially designed and segmented eutectic truck bodies offer the opportunity to transport products at different temperature values according to needs. Products can be transported at -33C, 0 / + 4C or in the uncooled sections at the same time.
To produce a body is it necessary to send the installation chassis to Frostcar factory?
Our technical department be able to produce the body only by having the technical drawing of the chassis cab with the indication of the brand, model and wheelbase. It will be sufficient to fill in the standard form containing the technical information of the vehicle to be applied.
The bodies with eutectic plates need a lot of maintenance?
The refrigerated bodies with eutectic plates need up to 60% less maintenance than the blown air type systems.
How long will the eutectic plates (cooling plates) be charged?
The first charge should be at least 12 hours. After the first charge, it is sufficient to charge 8-9 hours.
How long should the eutectic body be operated after the charging process is completed?
After charging, the internal temperature of the case reaches -40C degrees. Many factors affect the service time. R&D studies were carried out for 60 door open/close operations in 1 working day. Our eutectic truck bodies maintain the temperature value within approximately 10-12 hours.
Can I order a special truck body suitable for my service vehicle?
Our eutectic truck bodies can be produced in different sizes depending on the needs.